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Love Heart - Sky Lantern

Sky Lantern - Love Heart (Part No. 10258)

Share the love, light a lantern with somebody you care for. Our inexpensive heart shaped Sky Lanterns are perfect for marking that special celebration, you can fly them one at a time, or for the maximum effect, fly several together in a mass accent. A mixture of our standard white lanterns and our heart lanterns all flown at the same time look beautiful in the sky.

Our easy to use, individually packaged love heart lanterns are the very best quality available; they are extremely safe and very easy to use, being made from flame retardant paper that is fully bio-degradable. You simply remove the Sky Lantern from its outer sleeve, unfold it, hold the Sky Lantern open and upright, light the fuel cell then release the Lantern.

In calm windless conditions Sky Lanterns will rise to heights greater than 1000m and stay aloft for up to 20 minutes.

100cm high x 180cm circumference
Flame retardant paper with bamboo reinforcement
Wax burner fuel cell
Wind range 0-4mph