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6m Telescopic Flag Pole

 Telescopic Aluminium Flag Pole 6m (Twin Flag Version) (Part No. 4500)

This 6m Telescopic aluminium flag pole is a revolution in flag pole design. At one time if you wanted to fly flags from a proper flag pole you would have to use a single piece pole or one made up from badly fitting ‘wobbly’ plug together sections, difficult if not impossible to pack away and taking up a lot of room in storage. You would have also had the problem of having to use a rope on the side of the pole to raise and lower the flag, this would then be left to flap noisily in the wind and be a possible hazard to children.

With our telescopic aluminium pole you have none of these problems, just like our windsock display poles all of the sections are housed in the first largest section. Simply clip on up to two flags of your choice, then erect the pole starting with the top section, extend, twist and lock in place until all of the sections are extended. There are no noisy ropes to nock in the breeze and no storage problems simply reverse the procedure and pack away.

Each pole is supplied complete with a tube mount for the ground but can be used with 4 or 5 of our Super Pole Stakes (10256) or for a more portable solution why not use the caravan / car wheel mount.

Flags not included