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Solar LED Telescopic Pole Lights

Following an extensive research and development programme, we are very pleased to include in our product range, what is in our opinion, the very best available Solar powered LED light packs for our Telescopic Windsock Display Poles.

The biggest challenge in illuminating a windsock display pole other than having the LED lights pointing the right way is preventing the flags or windsocks being flown from tangling with the lights you use, we think we have solved both of these issues. Our Solar LED Telescopic Pole Lights are manufactured using double sided flush fitting LEDís connected in a string with soft, strong, black, PVC insulated cable. This is to say, once our lights are wrapped around a pole in a long tight spiral there is a protrusion of less than 2mm from the poles surface, this means there is nothing for the flag or windsock to catch on.

Our Solar LED Telescopic Pole lights are designed to comfortably fit on all of our pole sizes from 8m down. Application is easy, simply extend the pole then using a small amount of electrical insulating tape (not supplied) just below the last LED attach the Solar LED Telescopic Pole Lights to the tip section of the pole. Then whilst rotating the pole in your hands unwind the light string evenly down the length of the pole, tape again at the bottom section of the pole. Switch on the controller unit and you are ready to go.

From a full charge of the solar pack (a typical summerís day) you can expect approximately 5-6 hours of illumination of the LEDís.

Why not fit more than one set of lights to a pole, you can always mix the colours!

Our Pole Lights are available in three colours, either warm white, red or blue. Each is supplied with a solar power pack and 8 function controller and ground stake.

9470 - Solar LED Telescopic Pole Lights Ė warm white
9471 - Solar LED Telescopic Pole Lights Ė red
9472 - Solar LED Telescopic Pole Lights Ė blue

LED string length 800cm
Distance between LEDís 10cm
Lead wire to Solar power pack 100cm
LED string wire Ė black
AA Rechargeable battery included